Alistair M. Senior, PhD

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Evolutionary Ecology, Behaviour & Nutrition

I am really interested in evolutionary ecology, and the application of evolutionary principles to biomedical questions.

Personally, I am currently working within the field of nutritional ecology. Nutritional ecology is a branch of evolutionary ecology that is focussed on understanding the interactions between the food environment, an organism’s behavioural / appetitive traits and its nutritional physiology.

How do these components interact to give rise to a state of health, life-history functioning and ultimately evolutionary fitness?

These are the questions nutritional ecologists try to answer.

Given the rise in non-communicable diseases and the role of our food environment in determining these, nutritional ecology is more relevant to human health than ever before.

My skill set is really geared toward to application of statistical and computational techniques. Thus, I try to answer nutritional ecology questions using data gathered from across the hierarchy of biology; from genes in model organisms to human populations.

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School of Life and Environmental Sciences

School of Mathematics and Statistics

Charles Perkins Centre

The University of Sydney

Current and Previous Collaborators / Co-Authors

Catherine E Grueber

David Raubenheimer

Eduardo SA Santos

Edward C. Holmes

Gabriel Machovsky-Capuska

Gerard Closs

Jemma Geoghegan

Jerome Buhl

Katie O’Dwyer

Malgorzata Lagisz

Mark Lokman

Martin Krkosek

Mathieu Lihoreau

Mike Charleston

Sheri L. Johnson

Shinichi Nakagawa

Stephen J Simpson

Tsukushi Kamiya

Volker Grimm


If you cannot access the articles below through the links provided on the DOIs, I am very happy to provide reprints - contact me on the email address above.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (2020)

In Press

Global associations between macronutrient supply and age-specific mortality

Senior, A.M., Nakagawa, S., Raubenheimer, D. & Simpson, S.J.

Mechanisms of Ageing and Development (2020)

Online Early

The conundrum of human immune system “senescence”

Pawelec, G., Bronikowski, A., Cunnane, S.C., Ferrucci, L., Franceschi, C., Fülöp, T., Gaudreau, P., Gladyshev, V.N., Gonos, E.S., Gorbunova, V., Gut, P., Kennedy, B.K., Larbi, A, Lemaître, J.F., Liu, G.H., Maier, A.B., Morais, J.A., Nobrega, O.T., Moskalev, A. Olde-Rikkert, M.G.M., Seluanov, A., Senior, A.M., Ukraintseva, S., Van Haelen, Q., Witkowski, J.M. & Cohen, A.A.

Mechanisms of Ageing and Development (2020)

Online Early

Lack of consensus on an aging biology paradigm? A global survey reveals an agreement to disagree, and the need for an interdisciplinary framework

Cohen, A., Kennedy, B.K., Anglas, U., Bronikowski, A.M., Deelen, J., Dufour, F., Ferbeyre, G., Ferrucci, L., Franceschi, C., Frasca, D., Friguet, B., Gaudreau, P., Gladyshev, V.N., Gonos, E.S., Gorbunova, V., Gut, P., Ivanchenko, M., Legault, V., Lemaître, J.F., Liontis, T., Liu, G.H., Liu, M., Maier, A.B., Nobrega, O.T., Olde-Rikkert, M.G.M., Pawelec, G., Rheault, S., Senior, A.M., Simm, A., Soo, S., Traa, A., Ukraintseva, S., Vanhaelen, Q., Van Raamsdonk, J.M., Witkowski, J.M., Yashin, A.I., Ziman, R. & Fülöp, T

Research Synthesis Methods (2020)

Online Early

The orchard plot: Cultivating forest plots for use in ecology and evolution.

Nakagawa, N., Lagisz, M., O’Dea, R.E, Rutkowska, J., Yang, Y., Noble, D.W.A & Senior, A.M.

Cardiovascular Research (2020)

Online Early

Cardio-metabolic consequences of dietary carbohydrates: Reconciling contradictions using nutritional geometry

Wali, J.A., Raubenheimer, D., Senior, A.M., Le Couteur, D.G. & Simpson, S.J.

Nature Communications (2020)

11: 5262

Defining the impact of dietary macronutrient balance on PCOS traits.

Rodriguez-Paris, V. Solon-Biet, S.M., Senior, A.M., Edwards, M., Cox, M., Ledger, W., Gilchrist, R., Simpson, S.J., Handelsman, D. & Walters, K.

Research Synthesis Methods (2020)

11: 553-567

Revisiting and expanding the meta-analysis of variation: the log coefficient of variation ratio, lnCVR

Senior, A.M., Viechtbauer, W., & Nakagawa, S.

Nature Ecology and Evolution (2020)

4: 498-501

A new ecosystem for evidence synthesis.

Nakagawa, S., Dunn, A.G., Lagisz, M., Bannach-Brown, A., Grames, E.M., Sanchez-Tojar, A., O’Dea, R., Nobel, D.W.A, Westgate, M.J., Arnold, P.A., Barrow, S., Bethel, A., Cooper, E., Foo, Y.Z., Geange, S., Hennessy, E., Mapanga, W., Mengersen, K., Munera, C., Page, M.J., Welch, V., Evidence Synthesis Hackathon 2019 Participants (inc. Senior, A.M.) & Haddaway, N.R.

Journal of Physiology (2020)

598: 2081-2092

Sex-specific responses to time-restricted feeding in mice.

Freire, T., Senior, A.M., Perks, R., Pulpitel, T., Clark, X., Brandon, A., Wahl, D., Hatchwell, L., Le Couteur, D.G., Cooney, G., Larance, M., Simpson, S.J. & Solon-Biet, S.M.

Obesity (2020)

28: 822-829

Evidence for protein leverage in children and adolescents with obesity.

Saner, C., Tassoni, D., Harcourt, B.E., Kao, K.T., Alexander, E.J., McCallum, Z., Olds, T., Rowlands, A.V., Burgner, D.P., Simpson, S.J., Raubenheimer, D., Senior, A.M., Juonala, M. & Sabin, M.A.

Movement Disorders (2020)

35: 662-671

Meta-analysis of copper and iron in Parkinson’s disease brain and biofluids.

Genoud, S., Senior, A.M., Hare, D.J. & Double, K.L.

Oikos (2020)

129: 939-952

Changed plant diversity and diversity-productivity relationship in response to nitrogen addition, warming and increased rainfall: a meta-analysis.

Yue, K., Jarvie, S., Senior, A.M., Van Meerbeek, K., Peng, Y., Fuzong, W. & Svenning, J.C.

Reviews in Fisheries Science and Aquaculture (2020)

28: 322-339

Associations between ovarian fluid and sperm swimming trajectories in marine and ‎freshwater teleosts‎: A meta-analysis.

Myers, J.N., Senior, A.M., Zadmajid, V. & Butts, I.A.E.

Journal of Gerontology: Biological Sciences (2020)

75: 1805-1810

Branched chain amino acids, cardiometabolic risk factors and outcomes in older men: the Concord Health and Aging in Men Project.

Le Couteur, D.G., Ribeiro, R.V., Senior, A.M., Hsu, B., Hirani, V., Blyth, F.M., Waite, L.M., Simpson, S.J., Naganathan, V., Cumming, R.G. & Handelsman, D.

Nutrients (2019)

11: 1882

Of older mice and men: branched chain amino acids and body composition.

Ribeiro, R.V., Solon-Biet, S.M., Pulpitel, T., Senior, A.M., Cogger, V.C., Clark, X., O’Sullivan, J., Koay, Y.C., Hirani, V., Blyth, F.M., Beibel, M.J., Waite, L., Naganathan, V., Cumming R.G., Handelsman, D.J., Simpson, S.J. & Le Couteur, D.G.

Oikos (2019)

128: 1329-1339

Parasites and stable isotopes: a comparative analysis of isotopic discrimination in parasitic trophic interactions.

Thieltges, D., Goedknegt, A., O’Dwyer, K., Senior, A.M. & Kamiya, T.

Proceedings of the Royal Society B (2019)

286: 20190393

Dietary macronutrient content, age-specific mortality and lifespan.

Senior, A.M., Solon-Biet, S.M., Cogger, V.C., Le Couteur D.G., Nakagawa, S., Raubenheimer, D & Simpson, S.J.

Current Biology (2019)

29: 1677-1682

Giant pandas are macronutritional carnivores.

Nie, Y., Wei, F., Zhou, W, Hu, Y., Senior, A.M., Wu, Q., Yan, L. & Raubenheimer, D

Nature Metabolism (2019)

1: 532-545

Branched chain amino acids impact health and lifespan indirectly via diet balance and appetite control.

Solon-Biet, S.M., Cogger, V.C., Pulpitel, T., Wahl, D., Clark, X., Bagley, E., Gregoriou, G.C., Senior, A.M., Wang, Q.P., Brandon, A.E., Perks, R., O’Sullivan, J., Koay, Y.C., Bell-Anderson, K., Kebede, M., Yau, B., Atkinson, C., Svineng, G., Dodgson, T., Wali, J.A., Piper, M.D.W., Juricic, P., Partridge, L., Raubenheimer, D., Cooney, G.J., Le Couteur, D.G. & Simpson, S.J.

Journal of the Royal Society Interface (2019)

16: 20180733

Macronutrient intakes and the lifespan-fecundity trade-off: a geometric framework agent-based model.

Hosking C.J., Raubenheimer, D., Charleston, M.A., Simpson, S.J. & Senior, A.M.

PLOS ONE (2019)

14: e0212796

Sucrose and starch intake contribute to reduced alveolar bone height in a rodent model of naturally occurring periodontitis.

Morimoto, J. / Senior, A.M., Ruiz, K., Wali, J., Pulpitel, T., Solon-Biet, S.M., Cogger, V.C, Raubenheimer, D., Le Couteur, D.G., Simpson, S.J & Eberhard, J.

Obesity Reviews (2019)

20: 921-933

High-fat diets reduce male reproductive success in animal models: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Crean, A.J. & Senior, A.M.

BMJ Open (2019)

9: e025291

Effect of nutrition interventions on diet related and health outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians: a systematic review.

Gwynn, J., Sim, K., Searle, T., Senior, A.M., Lee, A. & Brimblecombe, J.

Cell Reports (2018)

25: 2234-2243

Comparing the effects of low protein, high carbohydrate diets and caloric restriction on brain aging in mice.

Wahl, D., Solon-Biet, S.M., Wang, Q., Wali, J., Pulpital, T., Clark, X., Raubenheimer, D., Senior, A.M., Sinclair, D., Cooney, G., de Cabo R., Cogger, V., Simpson, S.J. & Le Couteur, D.G.l.

Journal of Fish Diseases (2018)

41: 1733-1744

Quantitative analysis of the dose of white spot syndrome virus in shrimp.

Thuy, T.T.N, Senior, A.M., Culina, A., Santos, E.S.A, Vlak, J.M. & Zwart, M.P.

Journal of Animal Ecology (2018)

87: 1286-1298

The nutritional nexus: linking niche, habitat variability and prey composition in a generalist marine predator.

Machovsky-Capuska, G., Miller, M., R. O. Silva, F., Amiot, C., Stockin, K., Senior, A.M., Schuckard, R., Melville, D., & Raubenheimer, D.

Nutrients (2018)

10: 6

Associations of diet and physical activity with risk for gestational diabetes mellitus: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Mijatovic, J., Capling, L., Cheng, S., Louie, J., Cheung, W., Markovic, T., Ross, G., Stamatakis, E., Senior, A.M., Brand-Miller, J. & Flood, V.M.

Biological Reviews (2018)

93: 1108-1124

Intergenerational effects of nutrition on immunity: systematic review and meta-analyses.

Grueber, C.E., Gray, L.J., Morris, K.M., Simpson, S.J. & Senior, A.M.

British Journal of Nutrition (2017)

118: 130-143

Diet quality and its implications on the cardio-metabolic, physical and general health of older men: the Concord Health and Ageing in Men Project (CHAMP).

Ribeiro, R.V., Hirani, V., Senior, A.M., Gosby, A.K., Cumming, R.G., Blyth, F.M., Naganathan, V., Waite, L.M., Handelsman, D.J., Kendig, H., Seibel, M.J., Simpson, S.J., Stanaway, F., Allman-Farinelli, M. & Le Couteur, D.G.

Current Biology (2017)

27: 2397-2404

Gut microbiota modifies olfactory-guided microbial preferences and foraging decisions in Drosophila.

Wong, A.C., Wang, Q., Morimoto, J., Senior, A.M., Lihoreau, M., Neely, G.G., Simpson, S.J. & Ponton, F.

Behavioural Ecology (2017)

28: 1021-1029

Macronutrient selection of free-ranging urban Australian white ibis (Threskiornis moluccus)

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Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B (2017)

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Collective foraging in spatially complex nutritional environments.

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9: 646

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Biology Letters (2017)

13: 20170057

Dietary restriction increases variability in longevity.

Senior, A.M., Nakagawa, S., Raubenheimer, D., Simpson, S.J. & Noble, D.W.A.

BMC Biology (2017)

15: 18

Meta-evaluation of meta-analysis: 10 appraisal questions for biologists.

Nakagawa, S. / Noble, D.W.A. / Senior, A.M. / Lagisz, L.

Ecology (2016)

97: 3293-3299

Heterogeneity in ecological and evolutionary meta-analyses: its magnitude and implication.

Senior, A.M., Grueber, C.E. Kamiya, T., Lagisz, M., O Dwyer, K., Santos, E.S.A. & Nakagawa, S.

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91: 1065-1080

Effect of maternal diet on offspring coping styles in rodents: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

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Condition and reproductive investment in the western mosquitofish Gambusia affinis: little evidence for condition-dependent sex biased investment.

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Pathogen population bottlenecks and adaptive landscapes: overcoming the barriers to disease emergence.

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Evolution, Medicine and Public Health (2016)

2016: 244-255

Meta-analysis of variance: an illustration comparing the effects of two dietary interventions on variability in weight.

Senior, A.M., Gosby, A., Lu, J., Simpson, S.J. & Raubenheimer, D.

Mammalian Biology (2016)

81: 523-526

Macronutritional consequences of food generalism in an invasive mammal, the wild boar.

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The multi-dimensional nutritional niche.

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3: 150638

Adaptive collective foraging in groups with conflicting nutritional needs.

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Virological factors that increase the transmissibility of emerging human viruses.

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Frontiers in Psychology (2016)

7: 18

Social network analysis and nutritional behavior: an integrated modeling approach.

Senior, A.M. / Lihoreau, M., Buhl, J., Raubenheimer, D. & Simpson, S.J.

Behavioural Ecology (2016)

27: 219-227

Dietary protein selection in a free-ranging urban population of common myna birds.

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Journal of Zoology (2015)

297: 184-193

Captive rearing affects growth but not survival in translocated juvenile tuatara.

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PLOS ONE (2015)

10: e0118214

Sex specific marker development from transcriptome in the invasive mosquitofish Gambusia affinis.

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90: 23-44

Ecological and evolutionary applications for environmental sex reversal of fish.

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3: 595-611

Toll-like receptor diversity in 10 threatened bird species: relationship with microsatellite heterozygosity.

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Effect on South Island Robins (Petroica australis) of pest control using aerially applied 1080 poison.

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15: 1765-1782

The practicality of Trojan sex chromosomes as a biological control: an agent based model of two highly invasive Gambusia species.

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Fish and Fisheries (2013)

14: 60-76

A comparative analysis of chemically induced sex reversal in teleosts: challenging conventional suppositions.

Senior, A.M. & Nakagawa, S.

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87: 900-911

The fitness consequences of environmental sex reversal in fish: a quantitative review.

Senior, A.M., Lim, J.N. & Nakagawa, S.